Meet TeamOS.

The new operating system for hybrid and remote teams

TeamOS is designed to deliver real-time insights through comprehensive Team Boards powered by personal operating profiles (POPs). By showcasing team dynamics, TeamOS helps leaders more effectively manage and empowers teams to optimize their ways of working.
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How LLUNA helps you lead

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Help your team members to feel seen and understood quickly.
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Accelerate the path to high-performance by forming meaningful connections and trust across your team.
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Increase engagement, inclusion, trust, and transparency with a fun, dynamic, and personalized process.

"Without LLUNA’s real-time data about what our company needs right now, we would not have known where to focus our employee experience efforts."

Bobby Dughi
Chairman & CEO Financial Soundings

How LLUNA helps you

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Communicate how you operate at your best with your Personal Operating Profile (POP).
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Showcase your best self to be seen and understood by your teams.
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Be reflective about what your work / life preferences are and how that fits into your current work dynamics.

"I love my POP! It's made relating to and connecting with my colleagues so much easier. I get excited to share it and to see other POPs!"

A Happy Employee & POP Fan

Plans to Fit Every Team

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Personal Operating Profile
POP to it!
  • A Web-based Personal Operating Profile (POP)
  • Customizable URL
  • Unlimited updates
for individuals
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Per employee
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  • Unlimited POPs
  • Up to 5 team boards
  • Unlimited updates
for teams