Illuminated Teams in the Age of Hybrid.

Personal User Manuals + Smart Dashboards to power up meaningful connections and build high-performing teams

Workplace belonging is critical to employee happiness & productivity.
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Accelerate belonging and trust for all employees.
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Eliminate silos across geographies, departments, and roles.
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Optimize team performance by knowing how each employee is at their best.
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higher level of overall job performance from employees with a strong sense of belonging (source)
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reduction in turnover risk (source)
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$406 Billion

lost every year due to a lack of connection (source)

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How LLUNA helps you lead

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Help your team members to feel seen and understood quickly.
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Accelerate the path to high-performance by forming meaningful connections and trust across your team.
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Increase engagement, inclusion, trust, and transparency with a fun, dynamic, and personalized process.

"Without LLUNA’s real-time data about what our company needs right now, we would not have known where to focus our employee experience efforts."

Bobby Dughi
Chairman & CEO Financial Soundings

How LLUNA helps you

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Communicate how you operate at your best with your Personal Operating Profile (POP).
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Showcase your best self to be seen and understood by your teams.
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Be reflective about what your work / life preferences are and how that fits into your current work dynamics.

"I love my POP! It's made relating to and connecting with my colleagues so much easier. I get excited to share it and to see other POPs!"

A Happy Employee & POP Fan

Plans to Fit Every Team

Let's belong together! 

From teams to enterprise - our plans have you covered! 


Starting at $5 per employee / month
Ideal for teams, departments, or small businesses looking to boost team connection and performance via a turnkey process.
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Starting at $9 per employee / month
Our most robust offering HRIS integrations,  dedicated customer success, and unlimited web-based personal operating profiles (POPs) and smart dashboards.
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