Personal User Manuals + Smart Dashboards for Hybrid Teams

Build High-Performing Teams Through Meaningful Connections and Data-Driven Belonging

Workplace belonging is critical to employee retention, happiness, & productivity.

With LLUNA, you can:
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Accelerate belonging and trust for all employees.
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Eliminate silos across geographies, departments, and roles.
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Optimize team performance by knowing how each employee is at their best.
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$406 Billion

lost every year due to a lack of connection (source)
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higher level of overall job performance from employees with a strong sense of belonging (source)
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reduction in turnover risk (source)

Meet TeamOS
The new operating system for hybrid and remote teams

People are the stars of TeamOS...and it all begins with a POP (Personal Operating Profile)

Think of a POP like a user manual for a person; the cliff notes to understanding each unique individual on your team.

POPs can include information such as working styles, work/life preferences, skills, goals, and even personal information that makes a person unique.

POPs are simple to create and will quickly unlock connection and belonging for your team.

Image of LLUNA's Personal Operating Profile for a fictional person named Grace.
Create Your Free POP!
"There is no one-size-fits-all approach to management and LLUNA gives you what you need in order to get the most out of each other, while respecting and celebrating the differences on the team."
Luke Butler, Comcast NBCUniversal