May 11, 2022

FRESH Takes on the Future of Work with Natalie Egan

Fresh Takes - Episode 27

On today’s episode of FRESH Takes On The Future Of Work, host Jess Podgajny is joined by Natalie Egan. Jess and Natalie share their thoughts on the balance that working mothers must create between their professional and maternal roles. Additionally, they discuss the need for empathy and equity in the workplace and how technology can provide support for workers with intersectional identities.

Natalie is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience driving digital change and is the CEO and founder of Translator, a company working to scale empathy and equality through social learning technology. As an openly transgender mom of three, Natalie is familiar with the challenges and importance of balancing intersectional identities. Today she is on a mission with her company to support diversity and equity inclusion in the workplace.