December 15, 2021

FRESH Takes on the Future of Work with Lori Sussle Bonanni

Fresh Takes - Episode 12

Welcome to FRESH Takes on the future of work where we focus on fresh perspectives, from business and HR leaders about the future of work. FRESH is an acronym: Freedom, Resourcefulness, Empathy, Simplicity and Happiness. These values are core to operating in the future of work and we tie back to these while exploring interesting stories and actionable ideas.

Our guest today is Lori Sussle Bonanni. Lori is the founder of elssus, a multi-disciplined communications consultancy. Lori builds and grows companies’ reputations thereby increasing awareness, business results and credibility. Think of her as a nontraditional publicist for fast growing high impact VC backed startups. Find and follow Lori and her company at and

Let's get FRESH.

Guests answer the following questions:

1. How do you define the future of work?

2. Let’s dream big for a moment, so assume you can snap your fingers and it’s real, what’s one thing you personally want to see change about work / life?

3. As for FRESH takes (freedom, resourcefulness, empathy, simplicity, happiness), which area do you see as most pressing right now, as we look at the future of work and the evolving employer / employee dynamic?

4. How do you think Managers, the people leading people, can best navigate the months ahead?

5. What's one company you admire for their FRESH take?


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