August 10, 2022

FRESH Takes on the Future of Work with Dan Parsons

FRESH Takes - Episode 38

On today's episode of FRESH Takes On The Future Of Work, host Jess Podgajny is joined by Dan Parsons. Dan is the Co-founder and Chief Platform Officer at Thoughtful, which reimagines business automation by deploying automated digital workers. Today, Jess and Dan discuss hiring digital and improving the human condition at work.

Dan's mission is to free up workers from mundane tasks, so they are freer to take on more innovative and meaningful projects. He believes the future of work lies in evaluating jobs from both the employee and employer's perspectives and organizing business structures from those angles. By being honest about why people leave companies and improving leadership communication, we can uncover what promotes happiness at work.

To connect with Dan, find him on Linkedin,, and @DanByDay

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