Managers: The Superglue in the Future of Work.

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Right now, whether they know it or not, managers are the single most critical role inside companies. Their success or failure is the success or failure of the companies that employ them. The news of late has been plastered with updates from companies about what’s next for the future of work and many are choosing to embrace flexibility, choice, and personalization.  Apple, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, the list goes on and on.  They are all moving to a new way of work and the common thread across all puts team flexibility and choice in the hands of managers. Companies, big and small, are tasking managers to develop flexible work schedules with their teams, make decisions on how their teams work best, and figure out how to create a culture that will push their teams to the next level.

Yet, managers are burdened with an overwhelming number of priorities: this system, that process, this fire, that meeting, this feeling, that concern…and most are not prepared for what’s coming next. Right now, these leaders need time in their day to both lead and execute, training to gain greater perspective, and tools to understand and make decisions on how, where, when, and why their team works best. A missing piece in the ongoing “future of work” story is the acknowledgement that people’s preferences and choices for what’s next are not the final answer. They are going to change and then they will change again.

Over and over, we’ve been asked by managers if we have a tool to support them. A way to structure flexibility for their team fairly and efficiently. A process that’s repeatable and informed by data. Something that’s easy and doesn’t require a lot of time. We couldn’t stand by and watch managers suffer any longer, and are thrilled to now introduce LLUNA Essentials. LLUNA Essentials is a technology solution that helps people-leaders better attract, retain, and engage their team via personalized and flexible work preferences – it’s the “easy” button for managers leading in the new normal.

So what does the way forward look like? It’s going to be fluid – change will persist. It’s going to be better – more human, more inclusive. It’s going to be manager-led – more than ever, managers will be the superglue that holds it all together. Let’s seek opportunities to support leaders as they find new footing in the evolving future of work, and together, let’s design work for life.


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