Janus: Can Our Past Predict Our Future?

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Written by: Hannah Karaman, LLUNA

Who knew that January was named after Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and endings? Janus is the god of doors, gates, and transitions and stands as the middle ground between past/future and beginning/ending. Depicted as having two heads, one facing backward at the past and one facing forward at the future, it’s no wonder that the god is eponymous for January. Makes sense - doesn’t it?

Our futures are derived from our pasts. After all, aren't our past experiences just data that are used to configure our future? Time and time again, history repeats itself, and the past reigns as the key to unlocking a successful future.

LLUNA’s past tells us exactly where we’re headed in the future of work. Seeing a past of unsatisfied employees, parents struggling to juggle a career while having kids, and little balance between work and life, LLUNA was created in 2020 to offer a future of flexibility and work-life harmony.

However, by 2022 it seemed that the days of connection in the workplace were behind us, with companies struggling to retain their employees. In the era of flexible employment and remote options, why stay with a company that you don’t feel connected to?

LLUNA envisions a future of data-driven belonging. Our technology provides an innovative way to bring people together and drive connection, collaboration, and belonging to those, particularly in remote and hybrid work teams.

Much like Janus looking at both the past and future, by looking back at 2022 we can anticipate what's to come for 2023.

Hours do not equal outcomes. Say goodbye to the 5-day work week! The data from the LLUNAverse (LLUNA’s community and customers) demonstrates that the majority of people prefer a 4-day work week. This isn’t that surprising given the 2022 study on 33 companies piloting the 4-day work week was wildly successful with 97% of participants opting to continue with the new work schedule.

It’s not where you work, it's how you work. 2022 demonstrated that the office is wherever you are! Effective teams will remain effective whether they’re inches or miles apart. As our study has shown that the majority of people prefer to only go into the office when needed, prepare for a 2023 where leads give their teams more options in choosing when and where they perform their best.

Finally, connection counts. As we turn our heads to the future of 2023, keep in mind that when it comes to belonging, a little goes a long way. Connected teams demonstrate a 56% higher level of overall job performance, and $406 billion is lost every year due to a lack of connection. In 2023, companies will invest in their biggest asset: their employees. Creating and investing in a culture of intentional belonging and connection will result in productivity and retention rates like never before.

Ready to dial up your connection to others in 2023? Click here to take the first step and embark on the future of belonging!