Gen Z: Leading the Way for the Modern Workforce

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Written by: Emily Bevan, Undergraduate Student at West Chester University

Well that's a wrap on Women's History Month, but my eyes remain open to the critical issues surrounding women in the workplace as we move into the rest of the year. I've recently learned a great deal about the amazing women who have fought for women’s rights in the workplace specifically, the gender equity difference. In our not so distant history, women were earning 70% less than men for doing the same job. A new study shows that some young women are earning more than their male counterparts in large cities. Around 1 in 6 young women who work full-time are earning as much as or more than men. This is a huge (and inspiring!) step, showing that female equity is in our reach and provides so many amazing opportunities for generation Z. Although the gender wage gap is not closed yet, I'll take this as a win for young adults, like me, entering the workforce.

As a female studying business at West Chester University, I am preparing to enter the workforce in a few short months. It's both an exciting and anxious time, and I've found myself reflecting on what people my age really want and prioritize in the workplace. After doing some research with my fellow classmates, I have found that Gen Z wants equality in the workplace, flexibility, and opportunities to grow within companies. I used LLUNA's tool, MyLLUNA, to better understand and prioritize my preferences. MyLLUNA is a FREE product designed to help employees identify their work/life priorities and share them with managers, colleagues, or recruiters (and it takes less than 5 minutes to do!) It gave me a better understanding of what is important to me, and was a fun way to organize my work/life preferences in advance of starting my first full-time role.

A recent study done by the WorkForce Institute shows that 35% of Gen Z would never work for a company that made them work when they do not want to and 34% of young individuals refuse to work for an employer that does not allow flexibility when using vacation days when they want. My generation is beginning to change what the workplace looks like, and I am happy that it includes a focus on flexibility, choice, and work-life balance. 

What advice do you have for young adults entering the workforce during this unique time? I'd love to hear.