2022: The Year for Employee Empowerment and Employer Enlightenment

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Despite high anticipation of a better new year, 2022 is already off to a complicated start. After almost a year of false starts for returning to the office, many companies are now returning, with mixed feedback from employees. Unrest in Europe has, once again, demonstrated how fragile life is, leaving many of us to reflect about what is important and how we want to spend our time. While the future of work is here, it is also clear that it will be fluid, changing and evolving indefinitely.

So how do we embrace this change? How can we advance our company missions with the tide, not against it? Josh Bersin’s 2022 predictions are a helpful roadmap for our ongoing efforts. At LLUNA, we are closely tracking two of Bersin’s predictions, as the standouts for big impact and even bigger results in 2022.

First up: The intense focus on employee experience will become mainstream. It does not take long to see that almost everything connects back to the employee experience. Starting with the hiring process and all the way through to the exit interview – the employee experience is shaping the employer brand. Too often we spin our wheels establishing new policies and programs only to learn it is not what employees wanted or they did want it then, but now they need something else (sigh). What if we cultivate the employee experience differently, and instead empower employees with their own experience instead of trying to shape it for them? Data and more data tells us that employees want flexibility. That it will make them healthier and less stressed. That it will make them happier and more engaged. If we put flexibility at the center of our definition of employee experience and empower employees with choices (even just one or two!), then we will be better informed about what employees really want (right now) and what would make their experience better over time.

The second standout prediction: The people analytics crusade will touch on every aspect of your business. People analytics done well, can lead to lasting and valuable benefits to any organization. Bersin references a few in her report, including:

Companies that utilize advanced people analytics are:

-> 4.3x more likely to create a sense of belonging
->  7.3x more likely to engage and retain employees
->  2.6x more likely to exceed financial targets
->  6.7x more likely to adapt well to change

And yet, 83% of companies do not use people analytics! Time to stop guessing. It is time to step away from those massive spreadsheets. It is time to centralize data to access new and better insights.

The world of HR is changing. HR is vibrant and evolving, and we are the lucky ones who get to motivate people in meaningful ways every day! Let’s make 2022 the year of employee empowerment and employer enlightenment. Let’s embrace work designed for life – a win-win for companies and employees and let us forge this exciting path forward together.